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Carbon covering iPhone

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Cabron covering iPhone

Carbon is a fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. This durable, very light and beautiful material is widely used both in car tuning and in the customization of electronic devices. This material has several weaving options. The most popular are the classic twill weave, marble carbon and unidirectional carbon.

It can be dry, that is, almost not impregnated with resin and due to this having a matte surface and glossy, coated with varnish to give the surface a mirror shine.

The carbon body for the iPhone cannot be made entirely of carbon fiber, the frame remains steel, and the rear glass part is dismantled and replaced with carbon. This material is resistant to moisture, scratches and even strong impacts.

Carbon fiber is very well combined with steel and silver, so we offer to additionally install various decorative elements: Apple Apple, customer's logo, initials and decorative bolts. A very popular solution is to combine different materials, for example, the main area of the case can be covered with leather, and only the upper panel with cameras can be made of carbon fiber.

The production time of the carbon-fiber iPhone case is from two to seven working days.

from 2 days
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